My passion for photography goes back to my early childhood at age five when I picked up our Kodak Instamatic camera, well before the age of digital. I would snap pictures of anything and everything I could. I was so proud when my first prized photograph, "Bird On A Wire" was printed. Even though it was a speck of a bird on a telephone line, I was hooked.

I've had a lifelong love and awe for nature and all the beauty it offers. My wonder and appreciation for flowers started early with my grandmother's numerous flower gardens. I cherish the memories with her outside pulling weeds and watering and picking flowers that filled her house with beautiful scents.


To this day, the scent of a peony reminds me of Grandma and takes me back to my childhood. Flowers are unique like a fingerprint with each one having a different life story to tell. I'm drawn to the colors, shapes, scents and moods they create.

I photograph what I find beautiful and intriguing, although I have an affinity and love for flowers, things created by nature and the family pets! Every subject is a new discovery and I like to study them from all angles. I feel this gives me an appreciation for the subject and helps me to capture what drew me to it.

It’s also a creative outlet for me. I love to experiment and play with composition, colors, light and techniques. I enjoy the entire process from selecting and studying my subjects all the way to post processing for the finished image.

I tend to let the subject dictate the post process whether they beg for ethereal soft washes of color with minimal processing, a little bit of texture and added color or transformed into monochrome letting the shapes, curves and light tell the story. Some images are carefully thought out, while others might be happy accidents!

Thank you for taking the time to view my gallery. Greeting cards, giclée fine art prints and canvases will be available for selected photographs soon, so please stop back.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed creating it!